dinsdag 12 september 2017

This WAS the REAL Vladimir Putin

Now does he look like THIS GUY?

The REAL Vladimir Putin:

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  1. +Bjarne Søegaard Hi Bjarne, everything's okay?
    There are a lot of Muslims living in your country and mine too.
    And if you realize that the Vatican created Islam, than it's clear what the tactic is: to turn our countries into Roman Catholic countries, because I call Islam ROMAN Catholic Islam.
    Don't believe me?

    And did you know that 'Obama' is Hitler's grandson and still in power behind the scenes?

    And he's a Muslim and a communist and communism was invented by the Jesuits.

    Have a nice day!


    Bjarne Søegaard
    +Hans S The psyco-chicken on the lose again. The sickest creature online.
    Bjarne Søegaard's profile photo
    Bjarne Søegaard
    +Asia Angel you And Hans S are the sickest mental patients online. One a christian religious nut the other a muslim religious nut.
    Religion poisons everything.


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